The Time Has Come…

African Genesis
I, too, was made in the image of the Spirit. -InnaRae

…for the still quiet voice within to be heard. Not because it is the proverbial “squeaky wheel” in need of oil. This sound has already been anointed. Not because it has dressed and patterned itself after mainstream influences. Your life message has already been affirmed. Not because we’re in a time when capitalistic ventures are reaching for yet another unexplored, unexploited treasure to build upon. Truth is sacred and cannot be sold. But because many are searching for the divine reflection of themselves in the earth. Wait not on suffrage. For this quiet cry is your portal into inner parts of your being. Birthright is your authority on which to stand. So spirit, speak. And with the help of everything – of All things – of God, put all matters of mind in its proper place, claim your spiritual inheritance, and tell your story. It will change the world.


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