Erotic Praise to Spirit

This pure, arousing speech you gave to me
beauty, the dance, the scent, saliva…lust
When HATE depletes healing waters from thee
I fight his language to do what I must
To ALL, who offered me, right back I give
The truth, the sex, the joy with which I live


Holy Pneuma, Father  of Spirits, Creator,  Mother Earth, “SHE” who is chief of my ancestors, Giver of treasures in darkness and hidden riches in secret places; I can no longer conceal this worship.  For, when I peak a most pleasurable plateau of sensual stimulation, my heart gives out honor and pure thanks for what is GOOD.

There was a time when I possessed a most confusing sorrow over the hell-born hatred some would spit to trip me up.  For your sake, I lived in want from jealous, self-righteous others, whose strong moral indignation would pervert my sacred gifts.  Now, like Christ, I have shaken the dust off of my feet.  I leave them, who front and won’t feel, to locking their own passions behind secret violations and open shame.  Praise to you for this freedom.

I am thankful that for all of my searching, you have favored me with one eternal lover of my mind, my body, my essence.  To the end that I have honored him with the fruit of his seed and carried two spirits into this world to grace divine kingdoms on earth.  And of the moments when there is no desire to conceive a child; rather a need to express loving lust with my body…a hunger for tantric touch, I must shout with joy.  For he does not shy away when, like good soil, my vulva is overwhelmed by strong craving and desire to be hoed, tilled, grinded, cultivated, eaten alive… imbibed.  Oh yes, you have given me my body – and I to whom you give me to love!

I will never again swallow one’s fear and anger over your creation of me and my inner workings.  Since you have ordained it a most blissful and heavenly delight.   With you, I shall honor what rises in my womb.  I shall grant special attention to your natural currents, the lust born of your secret light.  When it flows into my belly… and out through my nipples, I’ll dress myself in transparent, yet colorful caftans – loose for easy access to what we all know is fearfully and wonderfully made. 

I’ll season my beans, play music, sing songs and light incense to celebrate and anticipate a most hard, up, and necessary penetration.  With intense resolution, I graciously offer the waters between my legs.  This, your mind-made aphrodisiac, will surely send our sights rolling to the back of our minds…our voices to a perfectly pitched call to what has been and will be skillfully created between us.  To the Master of my mystery…I enjoy you, I know you.  I love you.  I thank you.  Amen.


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