Haiti and a Christian Devil

"Whoso mocketh the poor reproacheth his Maker: and he that is glad at calamities shall not go unpunished." ~Proverbs 17:5

It boils my blood – the fact that there are Christians in this world who actually considered Pat Roberson’s outrageous claim:  that the earthquake in Haiti happened as a direct result of a ‘pact made with the devil’ – shortly before successfully becoming the only Latin Republic ruled by people of African Ancestry during that time.  WOW!

I wished to remain silent on the subject until one of my beautiful sisters called the other day wondering if I thought it was because of all of the VooDoo the Haitians practice.  Uhm, NO.  I am not Haitian.  But, honestly, I hung up with an indignation running through my veins that is taking some time to go away.  So, I blog.

What grave ignorance and hatred of peace must reside in the hearts of people who would think that something as miraculous as African slaves SUCCESSFULLY fighting to attain freedom (a basic human right) could only happen with help from Lucifer himself?  It does more than suggest that poor Africans don’t have the intelligence to strategize on that level…which brings me to a place where I can’t help but recall the history of European rulers during the era of the Haitian Revolution.  Let’s see…:

  • …they engaged in trading slaves (African and other people of color) to increase their material wealth.  In the case of the Caribbean, they raped the land of its sugar resources and used slave labor to keep up the plantations in St. Dominique (reportedly under harsh conditions).  Tell me, did the HOLY SPIRIT encourage this form of maltreatment?  Or was there a ‘pact with wickedness’ which sought to steal, kill and destroy?
  • …for fear of being outnumbered by the African slaves they mistreated, they passed laws and legislation to create a caste system which restrained the oppressed and abused poor, illiterate black slaves.  HOLY SPIRIT or SATAN?
  •  …they lied, seized, pillaged and assassinated anyone who dared to use their power and influence for the good of African slaves.  Again, who accounts for these evils?  The HOLY SPIRIT?
  • …they mocked and understood this thirst for freedom as ‘morally wrong’ – unless founded and governed by them.  Demonic or Holy?
  • …they knew absolutely nothing (and didn’t care to learn) about the faith of those who practiced VooDoo, Vodoun, the honoring of Mami Wata, etc…

 How do we know that the so called ‘thriving’ we enjoy in this land is but for the peaceful bloodshed of our Menstruating Mothers thousands of years ago.  How do we know that America’s beautiful waves of land are not sustained by the rituals and honor for Mother Earth offered by the Native Americans before the European invasion?   

Though he has expressed sorrow, I say that the spirit of Robertson’s words against our Haitian ancestors are evil and narcissistic in nature.  And I dare say that it has filtered its way into the practices of all religions – including Christianity.  This evil spirit shifts the human’s natural way of caring for the well-being of others into a self-righteous state of finger pointing and blaming.  Rather than asking, could Mother Earth be crying out?  Could the shifting plates underneath Haiti be a wake-up call?  Could this tragedy inform us that while we drill, sleep, live in the lap of illusion, and chase perceived luxuries – there live the poor who eat dirt and seek relief?  Who are you?  The one who can look on and secretly applaud the suffering of your sisters and brothers…seeing it as proof that the God you worship is superior to all others?   Who are you?


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